Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Less Than Perfect

Caramel Sauce Debacle
I am sorry to have to admit this, but, I am not perfect. There, I said it. Out loud. It's a true fact.

After researching numerous recipes, I decided to make a batch of caramel sauce. I had vanilla ice cream in the freezer that was begging for a tasty topping. Most recipes call for heavy cream, or half and half, or even sweetened condensed milk.
I had none. I have vanilla almond milk on hand.
So I did more research. On the web. Which tells only the truth, and no lies.
Yes, I can make caramel sauce using almond milk.

Sugar, butter, almond milk.
Bring to boil, keep whisking while it cooks.

This is what I got. A thin sauce(perhaps I didn't cook it long enough), which was so sweet.
How sweet was it? It hurt my teeth, it hurt my throat when I swallowed it, it hurt my stomach.
Perhaps I'm exaggerating a tiny bit, or not.

Once I put it in the frig, it resembled left-over gravy
with a thick layer of fat on top.
Only in this case, the bottom was a nice syrupy sauce, that was still way too sweet, and a top sugary layer, grainy and, um, well, it was not ever good.
Not to worry. I haven't given up yet.
Perhaps a candy thermometer. Perhaps using cream.
Perhaps going to the grocery store and just buying a jar of topping.
Happy Tuesday

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