Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From the Kitchen

Summer Smoothie
It's time to smoothie the way into summer, which hopefully will arrive in about a month.
I'll keep this short, and oh, so sweet.
This is my favorite breakfast, or a lite lunch.

4 oz. Strawberry yogurt: check

4 oz.Orange juice: check
I use  the yogurt cup to measure the juice

Banana: check
Either one regular, or 3/4 of a large one

Heaping Tsp. of flax seed meal: check
Oh, so good for you.

A handful of frozen strawberries: check
They should be frozen, as this keeps the Smoothie chilled. I had about 3 large size.

Frozen blueberries: check
Amount according to your taste. I used about 8 frozen berries.

I found this nifty blender, which has a cover, which allows you to take cup and go.
Since the only place I go is from the kitchen cupboard to the table, I don't need a to-go cup. Or an adult sippy cup.


Drink up.
Cool, creamy, tasty, healthy, good for you.

Breakfast Smoothie
4 oz. strawberry yogurt
4 oz. orange juice
1 banana
1 heaping Tsp. flax seed meal
3-4 large, frozen strawberries
7-8 frozen blueberries

Combine all in blender, and blend until smooth. Makes 1 serving

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