Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Favorite Things

Filled Donut Holes

I'm not one to go to the bakery and pick up a donut. Generally, donuts are not on the menu.
Until I found these. At my local grocery store.
Cream filled. Jelly filled. Powdered sugar covered. Sugar covered. They even have glazed.
They're soft. They're like little pillows to rest your mouth around.
I picked up 3. I left the glazed behind.
So, 3 donuts, 3 breakfasts.
Right? Right?

It took 2 bites to get to the good stuff.

I got lucky with the first bite on this one.
What, I had to find the filling, so that I could take the pictures. Ok, make that 2 breakfasts.

Anyway, are they ever good, and right at the top of my list of favorite things.

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