Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chickadee Cottage

The Finished Product
Not too long ago, my porch swing rested in the house. 

The reason: my screen porch has been turned into an enclosed porch. When a person lives amongst trees, a person can expect flying missiles, which poke holes in the screens. That same person can also expect a lot of dirt to blow in, but the rain cannot get inside to wash away said dirt.

So, I was waiting for the floor covering to be installed.
And then, the remaining trim needed to be added.

This lovely porch is all knotty pine, a continuation of the theme of the Chickadee Cottage. Even the ceiling is knotty pine.

New lights were installed as well.

The most exciting news of all: the porch is complete.
The swing is hung. The trim is on. The floor is covered.
A small table waits for me, where I can enjoy a meal or two.
A truly exciting addition to an already cozy cottage in the northwoods.

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