Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bed and Breakfast - Part 3

On my recent trek out of town to stay at a Bed & Breakfast, we needed to take a break about halfway there. So, we stopped at a gas station that had a nice store attached. We walked inside, into a sporting goods store full of fishing and hunting gear. The men who were chatting away barely glanced our way. We figured we wouldn't find what we wanted, so we walked out. They never asked if they could help us. We headed back to the car, and found another door  marked gifts. We went in that door, and low and behold, we were still in the same place. The men just glanced our way and continued on with their conversation. Yes, they ignored us. Not a good start to our vacation.
 We found what we were looking for, namely the powder room, and then we hit the snacks.

I found the Bumbleberry Jam there. I won't go into the details of  getting the clerk's attention in order to pay for it. 
The other jams I found at a Bulk Foods store in a little berg called Spring Lake. Same great product, friendlier service. These are products of Wisconsin.

When we finally, and I mean finally, found our way to the B&B, this is the scene that greeted us from the front porch. So calming and serene. We were here, we were happy.

During our stay, I took some time to sign copies of my books for Marilyn, the Innkeeper.

She, in turn, provided me with a cookbook, along with a book which included historical news stories from Marquette County.

Marilyn gave us directions, and we  found our way to a wonderful restaurant called  The Timbers. I didn't  take any pictures inside. It was very cozy, quiet, and a wonderful place to eat. And it had great ambiance, as in low lighting. Taking pictures would have been disruptive.

We  found Marilyn's church, which had beautiful windows. Was there divine intervention when we were directed to stay in the home of a lovely woman who is also a member of LCMS? I think so.

We also made our way to Princeton, another small town nearby. It may be small, but it was hopping. They had a flea market going on with people blowing whistles and directing traffic on the highway; there were a number of antique malls, and so much more  that we didn't take time to visit. I found a few treasures in the antique malls. Well, actually, I found a lot of treasures, but came home with only a few.

We saw where the National Grand Champion Christmas Tree came from that went to Washington DC in 2011 . What an honor for the tree farmer.

There was so much more that we saw, or could have seen. It's not necessary to stay in a large city in order to find enjoyment. When Wendy and I made our plans, we decided to travel the back roads and see the sights. I've found that staying in a small village can provide an inner peace like none other.
Number 1 of my '7 visits to 7 B&B's in 7 years' is now complete. I'm already planning next year. 
If any of my readers are interested in visiting Marilyn, here's the link to her website: Riverview B&B .

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