Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book Signing Event

Book Signing Event
I wanted to share a few pictures from my recent book signing event which took place at St. Jakobi.
I have a great group of followers who stand in line to get a signed copy of my book.

My first customer, or is that fan?, is my cousin, Shirley.

Next were my friend, Sandy, and my cousin, Audrey.

I even had a younger fan. Well, ok, she was just eyeing up the penny bowl and the bookmarks.
Her mom is on the Board of Education for our church.
$2 of each book sold was given to that board for a day camp trip to Camp Luther in Three Lakes.
I hope that I can help another child or family have the opportunity to go on that trip.

There were others there as well, always ready to support me. Some are friends,

others fellow parishioners and relatives.
I simply cannot say Thank You enough to those who believe in me. I am truly blessed.

My phone rang several hours later. It was another member of our congregation, a lovely lady who taught Saturday school and vacation bible school when I was a child.  She's unable to get out of the house, even to attend church.
She wanted me to know that she had read the first 2 books, and she asked if she could get the third. She spends many of her hours dealing with pain, and she advised that when she reads my books she can lose herself in the story and push her problems aside.
Another parishioner approached me with questions about my publisher. Their grandson has written a book, and was struggling to get it published.
I explained about Amazon publishing, and he was thrilled to hear that there are other options.
I am happy to share my little bit of knowledge and  stories; to help others, if at all possible.
With every book comes a tiny ray of hope for someone.
I'll never be on the best-seller list, and that's ok with me. I'm accomplishing what I had hoped, and I'll continue to work at it, one word, one chapter, one book at a time.
I'll say it again. I am blessed.

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