Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bed and Breakfast - Part 2

The Breakfast
Last week I showed the bed part of the Riverview B&B.
Today I'm sharing the breakfast portion of B&B.

The first day we started with homemade granola topped with greek yogurt and a luscious fresh strawberry.

That was followed by quiche and a side of bacon. The bacon was from the local butcher shop.

Then we topped that off with cranberry pumpkin bread. The leftovers were placed on that empty covered cake plate, where cookies had resided the day before. The cookies came along with us on our shopping trip.

We found ourselves back at the Riverview early that afternoon, after a busy couple of hours. When Marilyn joined us, we informed her that we hadn't gotten to the place she suggested for lunch.

Next thing we knew, we had a plate of cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit. That was before we went out to enjoy a steak dinner at a local restaurant.

Sunday morning found us with yet another fantastic breakfast. We started with Erdbeersuppe, aka strawberry soup, which was much like a strawberry smoothie. Delishioso.

Next we had french toast with blueberry sauce, and fresh asparagus,

along with breakfast links from the local butcher shop.
We stopped at said butcher shop on our way out of town to pick up some tasty products.

We finished the meal with a bowl of fresh fruit.
Our compliments to the Innkeeper. Was it ever good.

Even if the bed part hadn't been good, which it was, the breakfast would have certainly made up for it. As I stated a week ago, no more motels for me. I have been totally and absolutely spoiled. This is the only way to go.

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