Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflections and Resolutions

Something To Think About

As the end of another year quickly approaches, I'm thinking about what I can do to make next year a better year.
3 different incidents that occurred in recent months stick in my mind. All 3 happened while I was standing in line at a check-out.
In the first, I was the 3rd person in line. The first was a lady who had a number of grocery items. She didn't have enough money to pay for them.
The gentleman in front of me took out his wallet and offered to cover the difference. She wouldn't accept the cash, but put a few items aside.
Had that been me standing behind her, would I have offered to pay the difference? Probably not; using the excuse that I don't carry cash in my wallet.
In the second incident I was again #3 in line at the check-out. Any elderly woman was anxiously thumbing through her wallet, searching for that elusive reward card that would allow her a discount on her purchases. The customer ahead of me offered their card, which then cut the first customer's bill in half. Yes, the person who offered their card would get the reward points, but an elderly person who was more  than likely on a fixed income, was able to cut her bill to a decent amount.
But that isn't the point. The point is, someone was kind enough to offer the use of their card. Would I have done that if I had been second in line? Would I have even thought to do that?
The 3rd and final incident happened in a fast-paced grocery store, where a overflowing basket can be checked through in mere moments. A man had been in line with his cart, behind another customer with that overflowing basket of items. The man stepped away from his cart and hurried to find an item that he obviously had forgotten to pick up. Before he got back, the abundant cart of groceries was scanned and paid for, and it was his turn. The next customer in line pulled his cart out of line and took his place. He returned seconds later, mumbling under his breath when he saw what had happened. I didn't feel sorry for him. After all, he left his cart unattended. But then I reversed my thinking. Yes, there were other customers, but, are we all in such a hurry that we cannot wait 15 or 30 seconds, or even a minute?
My resolutions for 2014:
1) Keep a few dollars in my wallet, just in case.
In case of what?
In case somebody needs my help.
2) Think of others and what their circumstances may be. Can I help them in any way, even with a simple gesture such as a swipe of a reward card?
3) Third and final, slow down. I don't move very fast physically, but I'm always watching the clock, calculating the minutes, letting life pass me by.
I hope that I can stick by these 3 simple decisions.
I think it will be easier than chasing that elusive January 1st diet, or giving up drinking soda.
Happy New Year.

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