Saturday, January 4, 2014

From the Kitchen - Outside the Nest

It's the beginning of January.
I'm in search of that elusive healthy-eating diet that comes around once a year.
I'm sharing a great recipe for a smoothie that will start your day right, fill in for that quick fast-food lunch, or round out that evening meal.
I start with strawberry yogurt, a banana, and fresh pineapple.
I love the fact that I can go to the store and pick up fresh fruit and vegies. They're so much more healthier(wonderful grammar).
I place the yogurt and a slice of pineapple in my blender. Then I fill the yogurt cup with vanilla almond milk and add it to the blender.

Since I didn't have any fresh or frozen strawberries, I added a heaping teaspoon of spreadable fruit to the mixture. It adds a little bit more strawberry flavor.
I add a half of a banana(without the peel of course),
and give it a whirl.
a nice mug of smooth, creamy, fruity goodness.
This doesn't look like a smoothie?
OK, so I had my Panini maker out. I heated it up, tossed a couple of slices of fresh pineapple on it, and gave them some tan lines. Then I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream(frozen yogurt would work as well).
Was it, I mean, were they ever good.
The smoothie  and the dessert, that is.
Happy Saturday
Strawberry Smoothie
1 4-oz. cup of strawberry yogurt
Vanilla almond milk
1 slice fresh pineapple
1 heaping Tsp. strawberry spreadable fruit
1/2 of a medium banana
Add yogurt to blender. Fill empty yogurt cup with almond milk and add to blender, along with the pineapple, spreadable fruit and banana. Blend until smooth. 1 serving


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