Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Out and About

An Early Belated Birthday Bash
My BFF Wendy's birthday has gone past.
I, on the other hand, will be celebrating a birthday some time in the future.
But, technically, I've celebrated a birthday in the past, and Wendy will be celebrating a birthday in the future. So, what exactly were we celebrating, anyway?
I won't say how many years for either of us, because I don't have to, so hah, hah. A girl does not have to talk about, or admit, just exactly how old she is, or isn't.
Since it had been a long time since I had ventured out on an 'Out and About' trip, I suggested we visit our favorite local Italian restaurant, aptly named Luigi's.

They have this really great outdoor space, with tables and chairs, and waitresses, and food, and flowers, and birds flying through, and it's just grand.

And, and, and, they have Diet Sun Drop, in glass bottles. If you've never had Sun Drop, or Diet Sun Drop, from a glass bottle, bottled right here in Shawano, by Twigs Beverages, you simply have not lived. Trust me on this.

There was garlic cheese bread, simply to die for.
Well no, we don't want to die, but you know what I mean.

And there was pizza, also simply to die for.
 We decided that we should think real hard about coming back again, and again, and again. Well, except not in winter, because it would be pretty darn cold sitting out there in the winter, with the snow flying.
So, the moral of the story is: you gotta come to Shawano, and eat at Luigi's, and drink a Sun Drop, because, because, because:

Is it ever good.

And a word of warning. If you take pictures with an outdated cell phone, don't expect to transfer them from your phone to your laptop. I tried it. So, in order to accomplish this week's blog, which was to include the above photos, I needed to make another trip out and about, and purchase a new smart phone, onto which the salesman transferred said photos from my dumb phone, so that I could put said photos on this blog. All in all, a simple trip to Luigi's turned into quite an expense. Oh well, Happy Birthday to me, whenever I'm celebrating .
Hey wait a minute, where's my picture? I was there too!

Ah, here I am, a bit windblown, but none the worse for wear.

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