Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Sister - My Friend

Gomer Sue
I've lost my life-long friend. MS has robbed her of life. She was my best friend, she was the sister I never had. She hated the name Gomer Sue, so I used it often to ruffle her feathers; all in good fun. I'm dedicating my blog to her today.

Karen (Gomer) Sue Gumaer-Martzke
11/25/54 - 02/12/15

Gomer Sue

I often wonder why.
Why did God bring us together
all those years ago.
What was there that drew us to each other,
to bond the way we did.
Perhaps because neither had a sister,
perhaps because life would present circumstances
that would require our support for each other.
We talked about our fears,
we shed a lot of tears.
There were few secrets between us.
You were my life line, just a phone call away.
I faced many difficulties, you listened well.
You faced your own circumstances,
I heard every word.
I prayed for you every day,
asking that you would be at peace and pain free.
The days suddenly dwindled,
the light began to dim.
Forty some years was suddenly way too short.
I longed to hear you tell me ‘I am fine’
just one more time.
I have so much gossip to share,
but now you aren’t here.
Rest in peace, my life-long friend,
For you’ll never hear this name again,
Gomer Sue

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