Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Book Review

The Walk
Our church library recently received a set of books written by Richard Paul Evans.
He's well known for his books and movies, such as 'The Christmas Box', 'The Locket', and numerous others. If he has a new book at Christmas time, I'll pick up a copy for myself.

Product DetailsOur church library had the good fortune to receive copies of the first four books of the series.
Because I'm the librarian, so to speak, of the church library, and I check in the new books, I have to good fortune to read the books before they reach the shelves.
Which I did. All four of the books. Read in two weeks time.
Which is why I'm blogging about them. The series is wonderful, and I highly recommend them. It's hard to put them down, once you get started. The chapters are short, the characters are, well, characters in most respects.
The fifth book is out in hard cover, but will be available in paperback in a few months. I can't wait.
I add this author, and this series, to my favorite things list.

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