Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quilt Block of Life

It Runs In the Family
Our mother was an avid quilter. She spent many hours sitting and hand-stitching minute stitches on a vast sea of materials.
I did not inherit that gene.
I have a brother who is a collector of interesting stuff.
Well actually, I have a couple of brothers who collect interesting stuff. I did inherit the particular gene.
Today's story is based on the brother who tore down an old barn and then built a new barn, which looks like an old barn.
Over the years, he decorated the outside with a fine assortment of hubcaps. Mom helped with the decorating by picking up the strays that lay abandoned in the ditches.
Another item that he liked to collect was an assortment of expired license plates.
Which brings me to the reason for the posting on this week's blog.
The county in which we reside has a vast collection of painted quilt blocks, quite large in size, that decorate the sides and ends of various shapes and sizes of barns.
So my brother decided to design his own quilt block in order to decorate his barn.

I don't know the name of the design, but I think it's obvious that quilting runs in the family.

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