Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rivers Run - The Next Chapter

Angel Song

Here it is! The next book in the Rivers Run Cottage Series.
I've just placed it on Amazon today. Paperbacks will be available in 7 days. Kindle ebooks will be available within the next 2 days.
Book signing events will be coming soon(when it warms up outside, like maybe July 2020).

Doug and Jackie's romance continues in this book. Here's a quick view into what you can expect:

Rivers Run is a small quiet town in the Northwoods. Everybody knows everybody. Rumors flow from tongue to tongue, the same as anywhere else.
The rumor mill kicks into high gear when a stranger shows up and comes across a tragic fire. Who is the woman who was pulled from the fire and what was she doing in an abandoned cottage? It seems there are family secrets that were so well kept that even the family, themselves, doesn’t know about them.
Jackie O’Reilly ignores those wagging tongues. She’s got enough on her plate right now with planning her marriage to Doug Sterling. When he first proposed, she was so shocked that all she could do was mutter ‘yes’. She’s managed to push her uneasiness aside and continue with making plans. When she’s confronted with the one thing that could change her mind, will she get past it, or will she call off the wedding altogether? 

The next 2 books are already written and waiting to be published. Book 4 is 2 years old and never published. Book 5 is almost a year old and never published. Here's a sneak peek into those stories.

Book 4 - Where's There's A Will (Katie's story)
Book 5 - Sweet Nothings (Romance and drama, o my)

Book 6 - Everything In 3's, is in the planning state, and will center on Win Boxter. You've met her in the second book, 'The Color of Light'. She has a way of flitting in and out of a story without settling or giving you a clear picture of who she is.
It's time to pull her from the background and place her front and center. Oh my, her life will become very interesting.

Hope you enjoy 'Angel Song'. 

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