Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Horsin' around

Horsin' around
What do you get when you combine a cheese factory, 356 horses, a neighborhood full of compassionate people, and a whole bunch of cowboys and cowgirls?
The ninth annual Horsin' Around Horse Ride, of course.

They come from far and wide, and set up camp.
They pull their rigs, both big and small.

There are plenty of signs to point the way.

Hi. How ya doin?

Over the river and through the woods.
We'll OK, more like over the hill and through the woods.
To the Back Forty Sugar Shack they go.

There's even a speed limit sign! In the woods! 

That's right, buddy! Slow those clip clips down!

But officer, I just want some whiskey for my men, and beer for my horses.

You look like you've had enough already Toby. Or are you Willie?

This looks like a good place to stop and stretch. I've heard they've got food and drinks.

Let's just sit a few minutes. Hey, maybe my seat won't get so sore if I ride this way.

Scuse me sir. Could I have a scoop of oats?

There were pretty cowgirls

and cowboys galore.
They circled the wagons, and demanded some grub.

There were cowpokes all sizes, some ever so small.

No matter their size, they rode really tall.
There were big and small, we welcomed them all.

Then there were these,
The reason for this year's ride.

The old cheese factory is humming, like a busy bee hive.
For you see, this ride is organized each year, with someone special in mind.
This club comes together to help someone in need.
What does it take to make it a success?
Unselfishness on the part of so many.
 Uncountable hours of volunteering.
Family and neighbors helping.
Gallons of homemade soup. Stacks of hot dogs. Mounds of turkey and pork sandwiches. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

The surrounding landowners allow access to their property for camping and riding.
There's the bake sale, the live auction, the donated items for the raffles.
This year there were 300 pink carnations donated by a kind soul for cancer awareness.
There's live music. There are vendors selling their wares.

But back to Team Bystol. The money raised will help a young lady by the name of Brittney Bystol, who was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.
It's all about reaching out a helping hand to one in need, whether we know her or not.
It's about friendship, compassion, opening of our hearts for one in need.

And, it's about a lot of Horsin' around. 


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