Monday, April 13, 2015


We celebrated Easter a week late, due to unforeseen circumstances: illness that we didn't want spread.
So here's the play by play of the first 3 minutes after we finished the meal:

Khloe: Daddy, can we play outside?
Eric: Wait a little while.

Henry the dog: Um, Gregg, I don't want to smell your ham breath.

Kelsie: Daddy, you look funny upside down.
Abby: I won't let you fall.

Khloe: Now can we play outside?

Eric: In a little while. I'm playing with Henry.

Alex: I ate too much dessert.
Um Alex, that's real nice buddy. Love those big brown eyes.

Khloe: Daddy, now can we play outside? Please?
Eric: In a little while. You just asked me that. I'm watching TV.

Kelsie: Look at my new do that Abby did for me.

Now Daddy?
Abby: Let's go look at your Easter present first.

Abby: See there's all kinds of fairy stuff. You'll need a big pot of dirt, and then you can make a fairy garden.

Huh. That one stumped both of the girlie-girls. Khloe didn't even ask if they could go play outside.
For 30 seconds.

Happy belated Easter.

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