Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Hazelnut Fudge

During the holiday season there are so many recipes to share, and yet, so little time. So, I'm sharing another great recipe on a Tuesday, in addition to my Saturday offerings.
Memories of Christmas' past bring to mind my mom, cooking cream and sugar and chocolate, and then adding a dollop of butter on top.
Then she would sit and stir, and stir, and stir, until that mixture turned into the most delectable fudge.
But then something changed. Perhaps it was the cream, or maybe the sugar. Unable to figure it out, Mom's fudge just didn't get good anymore. It was always sugary, grainy and not smooth.
So, here's to you, Mom, as you look down upon us.
This isn't your recipe, but oh boy, you and Dad would really like this.

It's so simple. First line a pan with foil, because you need to be able to lift it out to cut it. Trust me on that.

 Start with a can of sweetened condensed milk.

Add some hazelnut spread. I buy mine at Aldi's.*

Heat it until it's all melted and you can stir it together.

Add extra chocolate. There's never too much of that.

Stir it up, quickly now. Even though it's hot enough to melt the chocolate chips, it set's up pretty quickly.

Pour it in the pan, quickly, and spread it out.

The mixture needs to chill, before cutting.
Once chilled, cut into pieces, quickly. It's soft and get's all melty if you you don't this quickly.
Are you sensing a theme here?

Snag a piece, and pop it in your mouth,quickly.
Savor that silky smooth delicacy that only needed 3 ingredients. How easy was that?

It presents nicely if you have tiny butter plates, which I happened to have on a shelf, just hanging around waiting.
Any way you present it, is it ever good.
Happy holidays.

* Aldi does not in any way support this blog.

Hazelnut Fudge
1 (14 oz.) can Sweetened Condensed Milk
3/4 C Hazelnut Spread
1 C milk chocolate chips

Line a 8x8 inch pan with aluminum foil. Set aside. Pour sweetened condense milk into a medium saucepan. Add the hazelnut spread. Heat over medium-low heat until hot and mixture can be combined. Stir in baking chips and stir just until melted and combined. Quickly pour into prepared pan(mixture will start to set up). Cool to room temperature. Cover and chill at least 2 hours. Lift candy from the pan and cut into 8 rows each way. Store in refrigerator. 64 pieces 

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