Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Out and About

Farmers Market Again
I've been to Shawano's Farmers Market again.
It's easy walking and entertaining as well.
Vegies, flowers, things, people, stuff. I love it all.

I met someone new this time. Her name is Kara, and her business is Northwoods Harvest.

There was an enticing basket of dried herbs.

There was an assortment of wonderful fruit products and fresh mushrooms. I hope she's back there again.

This time I finally caught the live music act, because I diddled around at home longer and didn't get going. Like, sleeping in later. On a Saturday morning. Normally that doesn't happen, but this time, I'm glad it worked out that way.

I didn't catch the group's name, but they were multi-talented.
As in multi-tasking.

As in playing a guitar and a harmonica at the same time.

Then there was the accordion. Made a person want to break into a hippity-hop polka.
Which a person could do. If they wanted to dance in the street. Or maybe the wide open lot behind the band. If they knew how to dance.

That Good Old Mountain Dew had me tapping my toe as I made my way down the street.
No easy task to tap a toe while walking.

My finds this time:
Kohlrabi, of course. The main reason for going there in the first place.
Warm mittens upcycled from sweaters. The second reason for going there. I scoped them out the last time I was there.
And Kara threw in a few shiitake mushrooms for good measure.
I never know who or what may be waiting, luring me back the following week.

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