Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Out and About

Farmers Market Again
Yes, I went to the Farmers Market in Shawano again.
It's my new favorite Saturday morning thing to do.
After all, it'll only last so long, and then (I don't like to mention this), it'll be too cold, and snowy, and stuff.

So, this week I found some very interesting new vendors to visit with.

I started with Amy from Jagla's Platypus Flats Ranch.
She had homemade laundry detergent, natural citrus cleaner, lotion bars. I hope she's back again next time.

Then it was on to the Stocksdale family. They had all sorts of baked goods, raising money for mission work in Poland.

This is Bonnie. She makes the most adorable clothing for kids. And purses. And mittens, upcycled from sweaters. I'll be back to visit her as well. I tried a mitten on, and it was so snuggly warm.

And look at this little romper. Isn't this just the cutest for that little farm boy?

Onward. Here's my friend, Sandy, and her group of ladies, selling all sorts of baked goodies. They are members of HCE (Home and Community Education). They were raising money for books for kids.
Books! I love it! Can't get enough of them! 

These were but a few of the vendors that lured me in.
There was so much more produce: flowers, popcorn, yak meat, smoked fish.
I can't buy from every single one of them all in one week. I need to spread it out.
So, I visited with a couple vendors that I had noticed the prior week as well. I was thinking about the bakery's bread, and those wonderful purple kohlrabi.

 My picks of the week: one giant cookie to support mission work, one dozen cookies to support HCE, one garlic bread, two kohlrabi.
Hmm, over all, I think this was a good trip.
Saving my dollars for the next trip through.

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