Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Review

The Harbinger

A gentleman from my church recently shared his copy of this book. When I asked him what it was about, he searched for the right words, then simply stated that it deals with the end that is coming.
I was intrigued. I sat down and started reading, and I was hooked.
The book is classified as fiction/suspense. The story unfolds with a writer, Nouriel, who receives a seal, or harbinger, in the mail. He then meets up with a prophet, who explains the mystery of the harbinger, along with eight additional harbingers.
The story is riveting, the telling done in such a way that it pulls you in.
After I finished the book, I did a bit more research, and found 2 other books that have been written,  discrediting the facts and references that Jonathon Cahn lists in the book.

By the way, did I mention that this is classified as fiction?
The definition of fiction: "literary works of imagination, novels and stories that describe imaginary people and events". That describes all of us who sit at our computers and spin imaginary tales to catch a reader's imagination. Our stories are based on some type of facts and information, giving us a basis to work with.

Whether the facts that this book is based on are true or not, the contents of the book certainly has me thinking about our country, our beliefs, the slow progression away from faith. If Jonathon Cahn has accomplished nothing else, he has certainly made me ponder on the demise of our country that I see happening day by day.

Certainly an enjoyable read.

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