Saturday, August 3, 2013

Person of Interest

Friends and Pickles
Today I'm blogging about a
friend of mine who actually takes the
time to plant a garden and then
does something with the harvest.
Hi Midnight. Yes, I came to
see you. Where's your brother, Tiger?
Hiding again, like always?
Meet Wendy, keeper of the garden.
She was busy picking,
prepping, assembling,
and sterilizing.
She says the steam does
wonders for the complexion
when she reaches in to get a jar.
That's right. She sterilizes
her jars in the dishwasher.
And, she washes her cucumbers on
the delicate cycle in her washing machine.
This girl is on top of things,
let me tell you.
Time to pack those pickles.
She's doing it by feel because
she had to take her glasses off
because she was getting
a facial at the dishwasher.
Next she added the brine,
which she had been heating
before I even got there.
She is so organized.
Then it was time for a hot bath.
She had the water heating earlier as well.
In the bath they go,
for five minutes or so, once the
bubbles are rising again.
That gives us time to chit-chat,
which we do a lot of.
Meeting face to face  saves minutes
on the cell phone.
We talk about work and family and
life in general. We laugh, we cry,
we grumble, we share fears
and frustrations.
We've been friends for a long time,
through good times and bad.
Working in the same office forged
our friendship, aided by the fact
that we lived in the same area all
our lives, and her dad and my
husband were friends way back.
We still both work in the same
field, and I don't mean the hay
field either. That makes for
interesting conversations.
What's that Midnight? You like
my purse? Put it on your Christmas
list. I'm sure Wendy will get you one.
Oops, more than five minutes have gone by.
Time to take them out.
We all know that too much time in a
hot bath causes wrinkles.
Last step, let them cool and mark
the date on the lid.
And there you have it. A few hours
spent with a friend, and something
was actually accomplished besides
our throats getting hoarse
from all the yacking.
That was last weekend.
Today, we're going shopping at
the Amish grocery store.
Gotta go now.
Happy Saturday

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