Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome to life at Chickadee Cottage. There’s always something going on here. There are stories to write and publish, recipes to try, books to read, and music to enjoy.

My first book was published in 2011. I’ve since regained the publishing rights, and I have re-written much of the book. I hope to publish that as an e-book in the near future.

 I am currently working on publishing a second book. That one will also be an e-book.

I’m working on getting my recipe book written and published.

 I am the librarian at our church.

I do my own housework and laundry.

I pedal 10 miles  every day of the week on my stationary bike.

I read while I pedal.  Sometimes I listen to my MP3 player.

I watch TV off and on. Usually it’s on as company in my quiet house.


Did I mention that I work full time?
I check the bird feeders to see who is visiting. The chickadees, nuthatches, orioles, woodpeckers, cardinals, finches and humming birds are frequent flyers.

Deer float through the yard on silent feet, at dusk.

The early darkness of nightfall brings about a chorus of peepers and crickets.

Daybreak is serenaded with a vast variety of birdsong.

There is so much in life to enjoy.  There are so many simple pleasures; here in the quiet countryside that is Chickadee Cottage.

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